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Chemistry Video Website Inspires Students

June 6, 2013

OEIT is pleased to announce the launch of the HHMI Drennan Education Laboratory’s new online science education resource at The aims of this group are to develop and assess in-class resources that help students recognize the underlying chemical principles in biology and medicine. This newest resource hosts a collection of two-minute videos that feature MIT researchers, each discussing a general chemistry concept in the context of their own cutting-edge research. The videos are intended to illuminate the applications and diverse faces of chemistry. Previously, these videos were only available to MIT students in the introductory course 5.111, but makes them available to high school and college classrooms nationwide. To complement each science video, there is also a short personal video that explores the journeys and challenges to becoming a scientist.

Anique J. Olivier-Mason, Ph.D. Molecular Cell Biology
Drennan HHMI Education Laboratory, NE48-308

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