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August 30, 2004

(Joint Crosstalk/Ed Tech Partners presentation)

Tuesday, September 7, 2004, 11:00pm ââ‚

July 19, 2004

A course reader is a compilation of
different materials chosen by a professor and assembled into a paper “book”
that students can purchase as reference for a particular subject. MIT's

June 24, 2004

What's New at What Runs Where

This spring has seen the arrival of important new revisions of Maple and
FrameMaker, as well as some new-to-Athena software packages, and all of these are described at the What

June 14, 2004

Daniel Jamous

Academic Computing is considering purchasing a site license for on-line video-based MATLAB and Maple tutorials developed by

June 2, 2004

William J. Mitchell
Head, Media Arts and Sciences
Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences

May 27, 2004

In addition to the redesign of the back room of the W20 student computing cluster, the cluster in 56-129 will be closing for renovations on June 9 and is scheduled to be reopened sometime in July.

May 17, 2004

Vijay Kumar, Director, Academic Computing, Assistant Provost

Jean Foster, Editor, Ed Tech Times

We are happy to introduce the Ed Tech Times

May 14, 2004

Phil Long

Teaching in a digital environment has brought the traditional hierarchical classroom structure to the on-line world, and a range of tools has emerged to help faculty transfer their course materials and their teaching

May 13, 2004


The MathWorks will be conducting training courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced users of MATLAB, Statistics and Optimization in Boston, MA this June and July.

The following courses will be offered:

May 13, 2004

Phil Long


In several formal and informal surveys taken over the past year, students have consistently expressed a need for computing spaces where they can work together, in addition to spaces where they can work

April 13, 2004

Mary Ellen Bushnell

Many groups at MIT provide support and services for technologies that enhance teaching and learning. With sponsorship from IS&T Academic Computing, these groups have banded together as Educational

On March 9nth the 20th anniversary of MacVicar Day was celebrated. Founded in honor of Margaret MacVicar, physicist, teacher, and first dean of Undegradute Education at MIT, MacVicar Day and the MacVicar Faculty Fellowships program were

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