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Una-May O'Reilly talks Tigers & Big Data

January 10, 2014

Last month, Una-May O'Reilly presented her research at an xTalk: Taming MOOC Big Data.

Jennifer DeBoer, of TLL, summarized O'Reilly's message:

"Principal Research Scientist in CSAIL and leader of the ALFA group, O’Reilly presented her database, visualizer, and analysis structure to better facilitate research on MOOC data in one of OEIT’s xTalks.  One of the challenges and opportunities of MOOCs is that there are multiple platforms and providers. ALFA’s protocol would be “platform agnostic” and would support standardization of these diverse data structures so that researchers could query any of them in the same way." Read more....

Visit ODL's event area to view Dr. O'Reilly's presentation slides and hear her spoken lecture.

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