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Crosstalk Seminar on Mathlets

April 12, 2010

Promoting the Use of Instructional Mathlets Across the Curriculum

April 23 (Fri), 2:30 - 4:00pm, Rm. 26-152

Prof. Haynes Miller (Mathematics)
Prof. Karen Willcox (Aeronautics & Astronautics)
Dr. Peter Dourmaskin (Physics)
Prof. Franz Hover (Mechanical Engineering)

In this Crosstalk panel session, a group of faculty members from four different departments will share how they have collaboratively developed and used special-purpose interactive Mathlets to help students deepen their understanding of critical Mathematical concepts.  Some implications for advancing technology-enabled, cross-departmental pedagogical innovation will also be discussed.

Building on work done under a d'Arbeloff grant for use in Mathematics classes, this technology enhances both visual and technical understanding of subjects including nonlinear autonomous systems, the convolution integral, RLC circuits, Nyquist plots, and stability of numerical integration schemes.

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