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Math CI

April 28, 2010

MIT Math CI Space: Collaborative Site
for Instructors of Mathematical Communication

Tuesday, May 4, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Rm. W20-491 (Student Center)

Prof. Haynes Miller (Mathematics)
Ms. Susan Ruff (Writing Across the Curriculum)
Dr. Mia Minnes (Mathematics)
Dr. Violeta Ivanova (DUE-OEIT)

The Department of Mathematics offers twelve communication-intensive courses, many of which are taught by a different instructor each semester. To provide continuity, the math department teamed up with writing and technical advisors to design an online community where instructors can share materials and actively discuss teaching ideas: the MIT Math CI Space.

The site contains information about ways to structure communication-intensive math courses, pedagogical recommendations such as advice on teaching mathematics writing, and an archive of past years' course materials. In addition, the site offers a venue for discussion: the long-term vision is that discussion will be used to refine the content so that over the years a collection of best practices will develop.

The MIT Math CI Space was developed using Wordpress, an open-source blogging and publishing platform. While the site's pedagogical content is created by and for instructors of CI subjects in mathematics, the platform itself is extremely flexible and extensible and can be adapted to support and engage a community of instructors of any subject in any discipline.

A light lunch of pizza, beverages and cookies will be served.

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