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Microsoft Research iCampus Technology Innovation Student Prize Application


The Microsoft Research iCampus Technology Innovation Student Prize seeks to recognize and inspire information technology innovations that improve living and learning in the 21st century among the MIT community. A distinguished panel of MIT alumni, scientists, technologists, engineers, and entrepreneurs select the winner(s) and the annual award is presented to the winning student(s) at a special ceremony.


The prize is awarded annually to an MIT student or student group who has created or improved a product or process, designed or redesigned a system, and/or applied technology in other innovative ways to improve learning and community at MIT. All currently enrolled MIT undergraduate students and graduate students, regardless of major, are eligible to apply. All members of the MIT community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni, can nominate eligible students for the prize.


In a one-to-three-page free-form word document, describe the project, including the motivation, educational impact, technology innovation(s), and background of key members of the development team. You may include supplementary images, movie clips and/or references to web, multimedia, or published materials as appendices. If the combined size or all files is less that 10 MB, email the entire documentation to icampus-prize<at>mit<dot>edu. If the supplemental materials exceed 10MB, post them in a publicly accessible location, such as the Public directory in your Athena locker, and email only the three-page primary application, clearly indicating the URL to the download location. Preferred file formats are PDF, JPEG, and MOV.


The deadline for nominations and applications is extended to April 30, 2010, 5 pm.  


The prize is for projects resulting in technologies that can be disseminated without restrictions in the tradition of open academic research. Potential obstacles for further development or dissemination, arising from confidentiality requirements, copyrights, or patents, will be considered during evaluation of nominations and applications.


This award is made possible through a special endowment gift from Microsoft on behalf of iCampus, a research collaboration between MIT and Microsoft Research that aims at enhancing university education through information technology.

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