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4.2.1 Rainfall

The rainfall is important for establishing if there is now or was at some time enough precipitation to produce a corrosive environment. In extreme arid conditions, a lack of water will prevent the characteristic karst features from forming. In addition, the lack of vegetation may eliminate a source of organic acid (which reacts to dissolve the carbonate rocks). In very cold climates, the water will be stored as ice, and the lack of chemically reactive water will inhibit karstification. However, in glacial mountain regions, the annual thaw can provide sufficient runoff for the karst process, but the colder temperatures will reduce the solution of the solids. In humid tropical regions, karstification occurs very rapidly as large amounts of water and vegetation create a very favorable environment for solution of the rock.

Dew drops.
Dew drops.
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Dew drops.  Heavy local rainfall  Column of rain. 

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