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6.2.1 Sea Cliff

A sea cliff is a nick or scarp resulting from wave erosion. Because this location marks the limit of wave action, the sea cliff is the boundary between the shore (seaward side) and the coast (landward side). A wave-cut bench or terrace, produced by wave erosion, slopes seaward from the base of the seacliff.

Sea cliffs vary according to the type of rock, structure, and attitude of the bedding and the intensity of wave erosion.

Storm waves pounding rocky coast.
Storm waves pounding rocky coast.
Earth Science Slides by John S. Shelton
Storm waves pounding rocky coast.  Typical shore cross-section: Erosion Predom.  Chalk cliffs of Dover, England.  Sea cliff, hanging valley and waterfall on Franciscan Series Coast of Lucia, California.  Elevated wave cut terraces and elevated stacks, Near Port San Luis, California.  Wave cut sea cliffs with low tide terrace in foreground, north of La Jolla, California. 

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