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In meandering channels, the transported material is deposited on the inner banks where the velocity and turbulence are low. The bars are built into the channel by lateral accretion so that an upward fining of the material results. The crest or top of the point bar exhibits a ridge and swale topography. Sand is the major component of most point bars; fine sediment from floodwash often fills the swales and covers the crest. The deposition often occurs in an upward flowing water because of helical flow (see meanders). These deposits are often loose.

Alluvial deposits in a lower river valley
Alluvial deposits in a lower river valley
Original drawing by B.Z. Saylor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alluvial deposits in a lower river valley  Point bar, Genessee River, N. Y.  Cut-off meander along Snake River.  Oxbow Lake along Snake River.  Natural levee  Channel deposition 

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