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ODL/OEIT announce xTalks: Digital Discourses

October 24, 2013

ODL is excited to launch “xTalks: Digital Discourses,” a seminar series to facilitate awareness, deep understanding and transference of educational innovations at MIT and elsewhere.  The broad goal for xTalks is to share strategies, solutions, and issues related to transformation in educational practice, particularly through the use of digital technologies.  We hope to foster a community of educators, researchers and technologists engaged in developing and supporting effective learning experiences in online learning environments.

xTalks builds on and extends forums that are already in place such as the HHMI education group, OEIT’s Crosstalk, TLL’s DUET, the RELATE research group, and more.

This seminar series will provide a forum for engaging MIT faculty and the larger MIT community in an examination of common themes and practices. Presentations and discussions on model educational technology applications from MIT faculty as well as practitioners and experts representing the learning sciences, digital learning, assessment, learning technology and diverse disciplines will be important features of these seminars.

xTalks are intended to go beyond being “a showcase” to being a vehicle for sharing and dissemination of innovative teaching and learning practices, leading to contextually relevant adoption and eventually to successful educational transformation.  We expect these gatherings to enable the development of communities of interest and practice around pedagogies and educational technology.  The seminars will be scaffolded and supplemented by online activity to support ongoing communication and encourage knowledge sharing.

We expect the outcomes from this symposium will help inform the transformation of place-based and online education at MIT and elsewhere.

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