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Transmedia Software

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Instructor and Educational Innovation Leader
Associate Director, Software Strategy and Development
Senior IT Consultant
Senior Educational Technology Consultant
Software Developer
Senior Programmer/Analyst

Transmedia Systems and Applications

OEIT's Transmedia Systems and Applications team focuses on the effective use of digital content for teaching and learning across the Institute. Project areas include creating and delivering high quality multimedia resources, and developing software applications to facilitate discovery and re-use of existing resources.

Jeff Merriman
"Enhancing discovery & re-use of OERs"
Haynes Miller
Explicit links between subjects
Professor J. Kim Vandiver
"Celebrating Harold 'Doc' Edgerton"
Vincent Lepinay
"a more sophisticated view of research"
Haynes Miller
"Using mathematics in real systems"
Dava Newman
"Seeing physical concepts in motion"
David Karger
Sasha Zyto
"webbased collaborative annotation tool"
M.S. Vijay Kumar
"Harnessing video content"

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