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Opportunity to present to NERCOMP community

April 8, 2014

There is an opportunity for you to organize and run that workshop and even get paid a small honorarium for sharing your time and expertise.

To do to get started:

  • Pick an interesting of hot topic.
  • Submit a proposal on the NERCOMP website (link to  You will need to log in and enter the Prof Dev Zone (on the Member Navigation bar.)
  • Complete the Submit a Proposal form (include your preferred date) by Friday, May 2nd.
  • Register and attend the Professional Development Planning Day on Tuesday, May 13th at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. [This meeting is optional but encouraged so you can advocate for your proposal as well as share more details if questions arise.]

Have a “half-baked” idea that you need help thinking through?  We want to hear them. The Half Baked Ideas area in the Prof Dev Zone is a great place to suggest topics for a one day workshop that perhaps are not fully formed or ready for prime time, submit specific ideas for individual professional development presentations and virtual workshops, recommend potential speakers for workshops, volunteer to be a speaker, or express interest in running a workshop if you don’t have an idea for the day.

Have a great topic or idea but not sure you can fill a full one day workshop? This year, we are looking at offering some ½ day workshops for the community. Just complete the proposal form and note that this is being recommended for a ½ day workshop vs. a one day workshop. We will review those proposals at the planning day and slot them appropriately.

Concerned because you have never organized and run a session? Don’t fret, NERCOMP members have done hundreds of them and will be available to walk you the process.

Don’t delay, submit a proposal TODAY! We look forward to another year of great programming and you can be part of making that a success. Direct any questions to


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