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C Varenhorst

Workshop in Online Faculty Development

September 18, 2013

NERCOMP Workshop offered Nov 7th on Faculty Online Development.

Providing faculty with the training and tools they need to prepare them to meet the challenges of teaching in the online classroom is essential to ensuring their success and that of their students. In this program, a range of approaches to developing effective online teaching skills in faculty will be explored. Instructional designers and other participants in faculty development initiatives will discuss multiple options for preparing faculty to be successful. Topics such as formal or self-paced courses, training sessions, internal certification programs, “self-help” materials or using highly trained students to provide key assistance to faculty as they approach the challenges of online teaching will be discussed. The program will also address overcoming key obstacles to effectively developing these skills in higher education faculty. Event participants will gain ideas for launching or improving faculty development initiatives that they can bring back and implement at their own institutions.

- Attendees will increase their knowledge of the range of approaches to developing faculty online teaching skills.
- Attendees will understand the advantages and potential challenges of specific approaches to this area of faculty development.
- Attendees will learn details about successful implementation of several particular training methods.

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