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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

OEIT - Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

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Graham Walker and students

Software: Development, Integration and Project Management

Through its leadership and engagement in global technology standards and specifications efforts, as well as its campus partnerships with IS&T, Libraries and other campus service providers, OEIT is uniquely positioned to develop sustainable software solutions.  As OEIT collaborates with the MIT community on projects that require software development, it continuously identifies and applies interoperability and architectural techniques, where appropriate, to achieve the longest possible software life cycle.

OEIT does this through its own software development team and through its engagement with higher education institutions, organizations and industry.

- STAR - Software Tools for Academics and Researchers
- OKI - Open Knowledge Initiative
- Visualizing Cultures
- MetaMedia
- Carnegie Foundation Knowledge Media Lab
- NMC - New Media Consortium
- Virtual Worlds
- Mapping Controversy
- Online Subject Evaluation/Who's Teaching What

Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Building NE48-308, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Phone: (617) 252-1981; Fax: (617) 452-4044