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D Sheehan & L Sweeney

Staff Presentations and Papers 2010

• Ceraj, I., L. M. Alemán, J. T. Riley, M. Kosinski-Collins, M. E. Rokop, K. Vandiver, and C. Shubert.. Integrating protein visualization in the classroom with StarBiochem. Proc. of MIPRO 2009]] (pp. 113-116). Opatija, Croatia.

• Iiyoshi, T., Okabe, Y. (2010). The Future of Open Education and Lifelong Learning (Keynote Session), Information Processing Society CLE Conference, Open University of Japan, Makuhari, Japan, May 13-14.

• Iiyoshi, T., Bass, R. (2009). SoTL 2.0: The Next Ten Years of Technology-Enhanced SoTL, International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) Annual Conference, Bloomington, IN, October 22-25, 2009.

• Iiyoshi, T. (2009). Open Innovation in Education, BEAT Seminar, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan, September 5, 2009.

• Ivanova, V. & Ruff, S. (2010, May)  Presentation of paper "Collaboration Website for Instructors of Upper Level Communication-Intensive Mathematics Classes" (Miller, H., Assaf, S, Ivanova, V., Ruff, S.) at the annual Writing Across the Curriculum conference in May 2010.

• Ivanova, V., L. Stirling, and D. Newman 2009. "Educational 3D Visualizations of Astronaut Motion in Microgravity". Presented at the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education, Oxford University, July 2009.

• Kumar, V., "Technology in Teaching: What's Next" Seminar, University of Tromso, Norway,Plenary Presentation, “ Technology and Educational Transformation  --New Connections between Content, Curriculum and Community”,.  February 5, 2010.

• Kumar, V., Chais Annual Conference, Keynote Presentation, " Technology and the Transformation of Education: New Connections between Content, Curriculum and Community. , Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv,  February 9, 2010.

• Kumar, V., Open University of Israel, National Broadcast, " Network Enabled Open Education: Changing the landscape of learning opportunity", OUI, Tel Aviv, February, 8, 2010.

• Kumar, V., Open Education, " Scaling Excellence ? the Grand Opportunity of Open Education in India, C-DAC, Hyderabad, India, November 5-6, 2009.

• Kumar, V., Symposium on Implications and Implementation Strategies for NKC Recommendations on Distributed Educational Opportunity, –Open Education Resources for Network enabled Education, IGNOU, Habitat     Center, New Delhi, August 20-21, 2009.

• Kumar, V., Blackboard Developers Conference Keynote, " Towards Blended & Boundary-less Learning Experiences, Washington, DC, July 2009.

• Kumar, V., Sakai2009, Keynote, " Learning OUTed: Open Ubiquitous Transformational, Cambridge, MA, July 2009.

• Kumar, V., EDU Tech Cover Story and Interview: Open Knowledge is the Future, Volume 1, Issue 3, January 2010,  EDU.

• Merriman, J., Muramatsu, B. (2010, March). Towards a Network of Content and Curriculum: Interoperability of OER Projects.   Workshop presentation at the OER10 Conference, Cambridge UK.  March 22, 2010.

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Wilkins, P., (2010, July 1). Implementing SpokenMedia for the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Presentation at Technology for Education Conference: Mumbai, India. July 1, 2010.

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Wilkins, P., (2010, May 7). Opening Up IIHS Video with SpokenMedia. Presentation at OCW Consortium Global 2010 Conference: Hanoi, Vietnam. May 7, 2010. 

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Wilkins, P., (2010, April 9). SpokenMedia Project: Enabling Rich Media Notebooks for Learning and Teaching. Poster at 2009 Hewlett Grantees Meeting: Yale University, New Haven, CT. April 9, 2010.

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Wilkins, P., (2010, March 23). Improving the OER Experience: Enabling Rich Media Notebooks of OER Video and Audio. Presentation at OER10: Cambridge, UK. March 23, 2010. 

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Wilkins, P., (2010, March 9). SpokenMedia: Automatic Lecture Transcription and Rich Media Notebooks. Presented at NERCOMP 2010: Providence, Rhode Island. March 9, 2010. 

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A. & Wilkins, P. (2010, January 6). IIHS Open Framework-SpokenMedia. Presentation at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements Curriculum Conference: Bangalore, India. January 6, 2010. 

• Muramatsu, B. & McKinney, A. (2009, October 14). SpokenMedia: Automatically Transcribing Lectures for Improved Discoverability and Engagement. Presentation at the EdTech Fair: Cambridge, MA. October 14, 2009.

• Muramatsu, B., (2009, August 12). SpokenMedia: Content, Content Everywhere…What video? Where?: Improving the discoverability of OER video and audio lectures. Open Education 2009, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. August 12, 2009. 

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Long, P.D., and Zornig, J. (2009, August 6). SpokenMedia Project: Media-Linked Transcripts and Rich Media Notebooks for Learning and Teaching. Presented at the IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Section. August 6, 2009. 

• Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A., Long, P.D., and Zornig, J. (2009, August 4). SpokenMedia Project: Media-Linked Transcripts and Rich Media Notebooks for Learning and Teaching. 2009 Technology For Education Workshop: Bangalore, India. August 4, 2009. 

• Riley, J., "StarCluster Brings HPC to the Amazon Cloud" HPC in the Cloud, May 19, 2010.

• Riley, J., (July 2010) Python for Scientific Computing Conference SciPy 2010, Parallel Processing & Cloud Computing track.

• Riley, J. (May 2010) StarCluster - Cloud Computing in the Classroom, NERCOMP SIG, Education and the Cloud, May 4, 2010, Amherst, MA.

• Ruggles, M. (2010, June). Russian Digital Timeline: Peasants and Activists do not always agree!   Presentation at NMC 2010 Conference, Anaheim, CA.  June 11, 2010.

• Shubert, C., Aleman, L.M., Walker, G., (Dec 2009) “StarBiochem: 3D Protein Visualization in the Classroom” American Society for Cell Biology 2009 MiniSymposium.



July 12, 2010

Papers and Presentations delivered by OEIT during AY 2010.

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