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Justin Riley & STAR BioChem

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Violeta Ivanova

ARTEMiS combines the principles of visual communication with the tools of modern computer graphics. The visualizations enhance teaching and learning in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Haynes Miller

Crosslinks, funded by the a grant from the Alumni Class Funds, aims to provide students themselves with tools to make connections between topics covered in different subjects at MIT.

Professor J. Kim Vandiver

The Edgerton Digital Collection is an online nexus created to celebrate the life and work of Harold "Doc" Edgerton. The site collects content from the MIT Museum, MIT Libraries, and TechTV.

The Extraordinary Learning video provides a window into several current exciting innovations in the undergraduate curriculum at MIT. In the video, students and professors talk about innovation and creativity in teaching and learning at MIT.

Haynes Miller

The Math-CI Space is an online community where instructors of communication-intensive courses in mathematics can share materials and actively discuss teaching ideas. 

Haynes Miller

A suite of Java applets was created for use as lecture demonstrations and homework assignments. The applets can be used directly or in modified form in downstream courses, enhancing transfer.

Dava Newman

What physical movements should an astronaut make in micro-gravity in order to re-orient her body? With the help of visualizations designed by Violeta Ivanova, Dava Newman's students tackled this question.

Richard Larson

Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS) is an international, collaborative open education project that provides a series of freely available interactive lessons presented in a widely accessible video format.

Project Description
MIT's wiki service originally began as a pilot, pioneered by OEIT. Through integrating Atlassian's Confluence wiki into MIT's security and authentication system, OEIT created a wiki environment which was both secure and flexible.

Elizabeth Wood

This digital timeline shows connections among a range of social groups experiencing the complex upheavals of the Russian Revolution. Student-generated data populates the timeline with links to student's research and analysis.

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