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Gallery of Educational Innovation

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Justin Riley & STAR BioChem


Jeff Merriman

The MIT Core Concept Catalog (MC3) project is designed to enhance re-use of Open Educational Resources, such as OCW and other on-line educational content or activities.

Professor J. Kim Vandiver

The Edgerton Digital Collection is an online nexus created to celebrate the life and work of Harold "Doc" Edgerton. The site collects content from the MIT Museum, MIT Libraries, and TechTV.

Haynes Miller

ECS is collaboration space for instructors who teach communications-intensive courses to share insights and best practices.

The Extraordinary Learning video provides a window into several current exciting innovations in the undergraduate curriculum at MIT. In the video, students and professors talk about innovation and creativity in teaching and learning at MIT.

Jesus del Alamo
Steve Lerman

Online laboratories (“iLabs”) are experimental systems that can be accessed through the Internet from a regular web browser. iLabs allow students and educators in science and engineering to carry out experiments from anywhere at any time.

Project Description
MIT's wiki service originally began as a pilot, pioneered by OEIT. Through integrating Atlassian's Confluence wiki into MIT's security and authentication system, OEIT created a wiki environment which was both secure and flexible.

David Karger
Sasha Zyto

NB (nota bene) is a web-based collaborative annotation tool that facilitates communication among students and their instructors, and is centered around better understanding of course reading material.

Alexander Aranyosi
Dennis Freeman

Project-based learning introduces students to a discipline through the process of conceiving, designing, and implementing activities which integrate theory with practice.

James Glass

The Spoken Lecture Browser project, an OEIT iCampus initiative, is a language processing application to help transcribe, annotate, structure, and summarize audio-visual materials so that users can search and explore them more easily.

M.S. Vijay Kumar

SpokenMedia is developing tools and services to enable rich media notebooks for learning and teaching such as full text transcripts of academic video lectures.

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