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Justin Riley & STAR BioChem

Cross Media

Multi-media or “rich media” environments are becoming increasingly important to disciplines across MIT.  OEIT engagement is directed towards both focused applications of digital media for hyper-narrative authoring as well as reusable backend repositories that leverage investment in one project to benefit many.

Some of the projects in this program area include:

  • Visualizing Cultures
  • VUE – Visual Understanding Environment – A concept/content mapping tool
  • XMAS – Cross Media Authoring System
  • Content Workflow – campus implementation of tools such as Apple’s PodCastProducer and the OpenCast Community

Jeff Merriman

The MIT Core Concept Catalog (MC3) project is designed to enhance re-use of Open Educational Resources, such as OCW and other on-line educational content or activities.

Haynes Miller

Crosslinks, funded by the a grant from the Alumni Class Funds, aims to provide students themselves with tools to make connections between topics covered in different subjects at MIT.

Professor J. Kim Vandiver

The Edgerton Digital Collection is an online nexus created to celebrate the life and work of Harold "Doc" Edgerton. The site collects content from the MIT Museum, MIT Libraries, and TechTV.

Alexander Aranyosi
Dennis Freeman

Project-based learning introduces students to a discipline through the process of conceiving, designing, and implementing activities which integrate theory with practice.

James Glass

The Spoken Lecture Browser project, an OEIT iCampus initiative, is a language processing application to help transcribe, annotate, structure, and summarize audio-visual materials so that users can search and explore them more easily.

M.S. Vijay Kumar

SpokenMedia is developing tools and services to enable rich media notebooks for learning and teaching such as full text transcripts of academic video lectures.

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