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Justin Riley & STAR BioChem

Open Education

An emerging open education movement in higher education and beyond is now transforming the landscape. By making educational assets free, open and accessible, the movement is beginning to radically change the ecology and economics of education. This can be seen in the upsurge of publicly shared course websites and lecture videos from colleges and universities. Institutions have also formed consortia to co-develop open-source educational technologies, creating new models of collaboration for the production and distribution of educational resources.

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Jeff Merriman

The MIT Core Concept Catalog (MC3) project is designed to enhance re-use of Open Educational Resources, such as OCW and other on-line educational content or activities.

Jesus del Alamo
Steve Lerman

Online laboratories (“iLabs”) are experimental systems that can be accessed through the Internet from a regular web browser. iLabs allow students and educators in science and engineering to carry out experiments from anywhere at any time.

Vincent Lepinay

A course in the STS department uses a dynamic webdirectory to harness the collective intelligence of its students and related researchers.

Richard Larson

Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS) is an international, collaborative open education project that provides a series of freely available interactive lessons presented in a widely accessible video format.

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